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NIGHTMARE MONSTERS is a fun, action-packed adventure trilogy about a gifted girl who must embrace her true nature and protect Earth’s children from an evil creature.

Book One


A kidnapped super coder.

A villain intent on world domination.  

Can one heart beat them both?


Thirteen-year-old Avina Heart is a small girl with a super-size heart. It’s connected to the H.E.A.R.T. — Heart, Energy, And Reality Transformer — an app Avina coded herself to power-up her extra-special heart so it can spread kindness to the darkest and most icy of villains.


When evil sorcerer Erebus kidnaps a middle school super hacker, he forces the black-hearted bully to unleash a terrifying nightmare virus among the children of Trisburg. But Avina knows there is just one cure for this coding meanie  — a full heart transformation.


Together with her fairy bodyguard, Floretta, and Felix, her annoyingly unhelpful little brother, Avina must face Erebus’s mythical monsters and solve the trickiest of clues to reach the Nightmare Cave and end the madness.


But evil of this magnitude will challenge Avina’s H.E.A.R.T. capabilities like never before — and if she fails, the big bad bug will conquer Earth once and for all...


The Super Code is the first book of the Nightmare Monsters trilogy in the Avina Heart series. Enjoyed by children aged 8-12, these fast-paced stories explore themes of kindness, female leadership, friendship, internet safety, responsibility, and self-confidence. With its Spy Kids meets Spiderman vibe, even the most reluctant of readers will be captivated by Avina’s adventures!


                                             FIVE STARS FROM READERS' FAVORITE:

“This first installment in the Avina Heart trilogy makes a great story, with an upbeat charm like that of Spy Kids and We Can Be Heroes. I’m willing to bet that it will please its target audience of elementary school kids. Parents and teachers can talk about the fact that this story teaches responsibility in the way Spider-Man embraces his nature after acquiring his superpower. Similarly, it talks about sibling relationships as it illustrates Avina’s relationship with her brother.


The best part is that Kay Dietsch doesn’t skimp on the thrills, putting kids at the center of the action. The author doesn’t talk down to her audience, as if Dietsch has imagined herself as a middle-grader while writing this story to make sure that she understands what makes kids tick. On top of it, Erebus is a formidable villain and the type that kids enjoy trying to beat near the end of a video game. The Super Code is a promising start to an exciting trilogy that will give kids, parents, and teachers something to talk about as the story gives meaning to the power of the heart.”

Book Two



The hunt for the nightmare monsters leads Avina and her friends to an abandoned mansion where mysterious figures are lurking in the shadows. When an old bully strikes with bitter revenge, Avina’s whole mission is in jeopardy. Soon Avina and her friends find themselves in a faraway land, where a scary game of riddles awaits them. After a devastating loss, Avina’s hopes are crushed. Will she be able to bring her friends back home?

As all the doors close, Avina calls for help. But then something unexpected happens that changes everything: for Avina and her friends, the Black-Hearted Coder, and for villainous sorcerer Erebus himself.

Book Three


The rules of the game have changed. Now it is Erebus, the villainous sorcerer, who chases Avina and her friends in a thrilling roller-coaster ride.

Furious about them sneaking into his house, he drops them in the deep forest and haunts them as ghostly shadow hiding among the trees. In his mind is an evil plan that he seeks to carry out at all costs — a plan that bristles with burning-hot super magic and devious traps. It even culminates in a shocking transformation no one was prepared for. To top it all off, there’s a new villain, and Avina has a mind-boggling idea that is so weird, it could actually work.

Again, Avina and her heart-team prove that sticking together is the only way to win. With wit and ingenuity, they work their way through one surprise after another. But as Avina closes in on Erebus, mysterious eyes appear, glaring hungrily. Is this the end of Avina’s mission? Or can she stop Erebus once and for all?



“Wonderful values to teach our children in a very captivating way.”

“The characters are very real and relatable for both, girls and boys.”

“Empowers girls into fields of STEM and to be future leaders.”

“Creates a fantastic world to engage with.” 

“Wonderfully crafted cyber punk world!”

“Kids enjoyed it from start to finish!”

“Great read for all ages!”

“No bad language!”

“Well written!”

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