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Book Four

A stolen book. A haunted castle tower. And a missing teacher. Avina Heart and her new team must solve a thrilling mystery in this fun and action-packed adventure for kids 8–12.

Readers' Favorites Five Stars


                                             FIVE STARS FROM READERS' FAVORITE:

“The Stolen Book is a delightful read for children from 8 to 12 years of age and for those young at heart who love the fantasy genre. Kay Dietsch masterfully develops the adventurous aspects of the book, making it impossible to put it down. The Stolen Book even offers a breathtaking element of dystopia, allowing us to have a look at the unfortunate Village of Gloom. Kay Dietsch creates wonderful characters. Mr. Brown is a keen history teacher who loves his work and keeps many family secrets. We cannot help but empathize with his escapades, hoping for a happy outcome. I liked that Dietsch lovingly teaches her young readers to distinguish right from wrong. The story shows that it's bad to be a hacker but encourages kids to learn how to code, giving the book educational value. It reminds us that even if your parents are poor, you can have a dream and work toward its realization, regardless of bullying. It also reminds parents that it is not good to abandon their kids to mindless shopping instead of spending precious time with them. The most exciting aspect is that it inspires us to spread kindness.”


An old book, the Tales of Gloom, written by William Shakesapple, which was lost for more than four hundred years, is found at the medieval Castle of Trisburg, and visitors from around the globe rush to see it. No one has ever set eyes on this book before, but legend claims that it has magical powers and evil intentions.

In the midst of an international media frenzy, the book suddenly disappears from the castle exhibition room, and mysterious events begin to unfold. Eerie noises and ghostly lights are reported from the castle clock tower. Then Simon Brown, history teacher at Trisburg Middle School, vanishes without a trace. When the bad news reaches Avina Heart at the Cloud Castle, she quickly assembles her mission team for its first big assignment: to find the stolen magical book and bring back the missing teacher, who is believed to be in great danger. 


But as Avina and her team begin their investigation at Simon Brown’s house, they uncover a horrible secret that has been kept hidden for hundreds of years. Can Avina save the missing teacher? And will she solve the mystery of the legendary book, or will it rewrite the story of the world?

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